I started a project a few years ago of writing out my repertoire of tunes. Here's where that's at today.

Clicking on the "Tunebook.pdf" link in the upper left corner of the preview will give you the option to download. As I make updates, this wil always take you to the most up to date version.

And if you'd like to work with the .abc file I used to make the .pdf, this link will take you there.

I've also begun the project of recording myself playing all of the tunes that I've written down. Nothing fancy, just each tune played twice through, and recorded on my phone. But if anyone wants to learn any of them, I like trying to make that as easy as possible. Below are links to each of the recordings. I'll also make the disclaimer here that I've transcribed the tunes how I like to play them. I make no claims that my playing comes with any authority or provenance.

As I continue to make new recordings, this list of links will continue to grow. So keep coming back to see what I've added.


A Finnish Polka

A Polka

Banish Misfortune

Behind the Haystack

Blarney Pilgrim

Boys of Ballycastle

Boys of Bluehill

Cliffs of Moher


Coffee on the Bricks

Connaughtman's Rambles




Fermoy Lasses

Frost is all Over

Gander in the Pratie Hole

Garrett Barry's (D Dorian)

Garrett Barry's (D Mixolydian)

Jessica's Polka

Julia Delaney

Kesh Jig

Kitty Lie Over

Lilting Banshee

Maggie in the Woods

Mason's Apron

Master Crowley's

Merrily Kissed the Quaker

Off to California

Out on the Ocean

Peggy Lettermore

Return to Milltown

Road To Lisdoonvarna

Salt River Road

Shandon Bells

Ships are Sailing

Star of Munster

Swallowtail Jig

Tam Lin

Tar Road to Sligo

Tehan's Favorite

The Ash Plant

The Persistence of Noel Reid

The Worn Petticoat

Tripping up the Stairs

Walls of Liscarroll

Where I Told Her I Loved Her and Sprained Her Ankle

Yellow Tinker