Ed Yother @ McGillin's Olde Alehouse

Last week I played the feature spot at the McGillin's Olde Ale House weekly Open Mic. Here are some videos of my set, as well as some of the host, Tom Monari's set.

Blarney Pilgrim / Garrett Barry's / Banish Misfortune

Whiskey in the Jar

Rocky Road to Dublin

Mason's Apron / Tam Lin / Master Crowley's

Paddy West

Bold McShane

Frost is All Over / Kitty Lie Over

Jack Tar

A Polka / A Finnish Polka / Jessica's Polka

Man You Don't Meet Everyday

Tom Monari ~ Flake

Tom Monari ~ Growin' Up

Tom Monari ~ Me & Julio

Tom Monari ~ Free Fallin'

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