Traditional Music Hangouts On Air

I'm planning on starting a series of Google Plus Hangouts On Air that would be focused on performing traditional music. My personal interests are mostly in Irish music and sea music, but I would love to provide a place to showcase people playing all kinds of traditional music.

I came to this idea after seeing what pages like +Artists in the Plus and +Musician and Band Public Database were doing with their Open Mic hangouts and Concerts in the Plus. While I've never felt unwelcome participating in these sorts of things and in regular open mics in bars and coffee shops, they do naturally tend to lean toward communities of singer / songwriters, and therefore, while I enjoy them, they have not been the most efficient means of finding my community and audience.

If you'd like an example, here's an open mic hangout I took part in. This is a similar idea to what I'm going for.

Along with the usual "helping to promote traditional music, helping traditional musicians to promote themselves, build a diverse community of like minded people, blah blah blah..." I'm also a musician who really likes to perform, and even though I'm in Philadelphia and there's a lot of really great stuff going on here, there are only so many venues interested in what I do, and being the parent of small children I'm not able participate in all that is in my area, let alone be able to travel and tour.

So I figure that it's likely that there are at least a few more people around the world like me, and I'd like to know who you are. So if you're interested in performing, listening, or helping to spread the word let me know what you think of this idea, and if you might like to help out.

You can check out what I'm up to on Google Plus here.

I haven't decided yet what I want the format to be. My first thought is to make it a sort of round robin session where we would each take a turn playing a tune or set of tunes or a song, and we go around the circle like this until we run out of time or feel like stopping. Another option is to do something a little more formal and concert like. Perhaps a half hour or so of one performer and maybe a little time for an informal interview / conversation. There's also no reason I couldn't do both these things.

If you are interested in performing, here's what is required:

  • A webcam
  • A decent internet connection
  • Ideally a microphone that you can hook up to your computer, but I am willing to see if the mic built into your webcam sounds good enough.
  • A Google Plus account. This is free and just takes a minute to sign up for. If you use gmail, you may already have an account that just needs to be activated.
  • An hour or so that you can schedule to be in front of you computer while we do this.

I want there to be as little barrier to entry as possible and am very willing to help anyone get set up if you're interested but don't know how to do one of these things. Just ask.

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