Irish Set Dancing in St Charles

Saturday, February 25th

Connections to Success
1701 N. Second St
St Charles, MO

Set dancing is a form of social dancing which has been popular in Ireland for over 150 years. Sets are danced by four couples in a square. They are descended from the French quadrilles, and English country dances, and are therefore a relative of American square dances and contra dances.

Dances are held two Saturdays a month, 8-11pm at Connections to Success in St Charles. You can find the schedule at

The only cost will be a voluntary donation that will simply be used to support the dance.
All dances are taught. Everything is aimed at being beginner friendly.

There is much more info on what set dancing is at
I also set up a facebook group for set dancing in St Louis at St Louis Irish Set Dancers.

We are also holding dances 1st and 3rd Fridays at The Folk School in Maplewood.


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