Set Dancing at the Tionol

I just want to let everyone know that I've been working with Mike Mullins on trying to hold a Set Dancing ceili at the Tionol this year, as well as an all day Set Dancing workshop. If you are unfamiliar with what the Tionol is, take look here . It's festival that takes place the weekend of April 20th-22nd. 

Here's my attempt at summarizing the festival. A number of truly phenomenal Irish musicians are brought into St Louis from around the world. 
  • They play for a concert on Friday night in the Schlafly Taproom. After the concert we're planning to hold the ceili in the same room. 
  • Then on Saturday those musicians teach all day workshops at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. The workshops are about six hours long plus a break for lunch. 
  • Saturday night there is another concert at The Sheldon Concert Hall. 
  • Sunday there is a big brunch with sessions the rest of the afternoon at McGurk's.
We're going to try to teach an all day set dance workshop on Saturday, if we can get enough people interested. I'm hoping this will make a nice opportunity to introduce everyone to a few of the more commonly danced sets, as well as dig into some of the details, work out some kinks in people's dancing and generally leave everyone feeling prepared to show up at a ceili.
Another reason I'm excited for the opportunity to put together this ceili and workshop is that it all leads up to the following weekend when St Louis will be hosting the North American CCE convention. If you don't already know, CCE stands for Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. It's an organization dedicated to the preservation and fostering of Irish music, dance, language, and culture. The convention will be another opportunity for Irish musicians and dancers to descend upon St Louis and teach workshops and hold ceilis all weekend. One of the big draws for the the convention is that there is a set dancing ceili each of the four days of the festival (Thurs-Sun). Therefore I do hope that our workshop can help get some people excited about and ready for the weekend of set dancing at the CCE convention, as well as all of the ceilis that we're hosting around St Louis the rest of the year. 
For more info on the CCE convention-
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