Changes to the Set Dancing Schedule

I've found a new location in addition to The Folk School to hold our ceilis. And with the addition of a new location comes a new schedule.

1st Friday of every month, 8-11pm at The Folk School at 3155 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood, MO.

3rd Sunday of every month at Connections to Success at 1701 N. 2nd St, St Charles, MO.

This has been changed again. Check here for the current schedule. 

I'm excited about starting to hold ceilis in St Charles. Connections to Success is just a few blocks from my house, it has a great old hardwood floor, a big parking lot in back, and the rent for the room is quite affordable. 


And for those who would like an additional dose of listiening to Irish music. On 3rd Sundays before the ceili I host an Irish music session at Picasso's Coffehouse on Main St, St Charles 2-5pm.

Ed YotherComment