Possible new session

I talked to the owner of Picasso's Coffee on Main St, St Charles today
about the possibility of starting a session there and he is quite
interested. He had expressed interest in this possibility some time
ago, but at the time I didn't know if there were enough Irish
musicians in the St Charles area to support such a thing. But since
the Irish festival I've met a few more musicians who live out here and
might be interested. I'm going to talk to him again this week and
figure out details. It's most likely just going to be once a month, as
Tracy will not be terribly excited if I commit myself to another
weekly obligation. I also think that I'm going to aim for a Sunday
afternoon. They close at 5pm on Sundays, so perhaps something like 2-5
or 1-4ish might be the way to go. If not Sundays then Friday nights
are the next most likely option. In that case it would likely be

So I'm curious if anyone has any input or suggestions, particularly if
you have preferences for a day or time. I would also accept any help
in organizing that anyone might like to offer, or perhaps committing
to being a regular, at least in the beginning, to help get this off
the ground.

Ed YotherComment