Ceili 5/6/11

My plan for tonight is to teach the Caledonian Set. I'm trying an experiment in teaching aids. Below is a PDF of written istructions for the set. Keep in mind that these are not the full istructions with descriptions of all the terms and steps, but instead a shorthand to serve as a reminder of how the set goes.

 Celedonian Set

And I found a video of the complete Caledonian Set being danced at a festival in The Catskills in Upstate New York. This is a really good example of what dancing a set at a ceili typically looks like. Coincidentally, the set on right is made up mostly of people I've danced with for the last few years from Connecticut. And most of the rest of the dancers I recognize as the usual New York and Boston crowd I see at most ceilis takinig place at festivals in the Northeast.

Ed YotherComment