Traditional Music Hangouts on Air

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The goal here is for this to be a sort of round robin session where we would take turns listening to each other play, and chat a bit for an hour or two or till we feel like stopping. This is open to musicians playing all kinds of traditional music.

If you are interested in participating in one of these as a musician, you can contact me at or find me on on Google+ and let me know.

If you're unclear as to how to participate in one of these, here's what's needed.

  • A webcam
  • A decent internet connection
  • Ideally a microphone that you can connect to your computer, but I am willing to see if the mic built into your webcam sounds good enough.
  • Listening with headphones will help prevent echoes and feedback which is the most common techincal glitch we've had to deal with so far.
  • A Google Plus account. This is free and just takes a minute to sign up for. If you use gmail, you may already have an account that just needs to be activated.
  • An hour or so that you can schedule to be in front of you computer while we do this.

I want there to be as little barrier to entry as possible and am very willing to help anyone get set up if you're interested but don't know how to do one of these things. Just ask.

If you need more help understanding what a Hangout or Hangout on Air is, here's some more information.

Google Plus or Google+ is a social network, similar to Facebook. One of the features that Google+ offers is called a Hangout. A Hangout is a group video chat, similar to a Skype video call, but instead of being just a one on one conversation, you can include up to ten people participating in the video chat. An ordinary Hangout is very much like a Skype call or a private conversation in that the only people who can see the video, are those who participated in it, and when it is over, it no longer exists. A Hangout on Air has the added feature of being broadcast live on so that anyone in the world with access to the internet can watch. And after the Hangout on Air is over, the resulting video is automatically saved to YouTube so that anyone who did not watch live can still watch it at any time in the future.

I am also releasing the audio from these videos as a podcast so if you'd like to listen to those you can do so on the Traditional Music Hangouts on Air podcast page, the TradHOA SoundCloud page, by subscribing via iTunes, or if you're using any other podcatcher, you might find this URL helpful